Life Sciences


The life sciences and healthcare companies are balancing the quality and cost of care while serving a rapidly aging population and rising healthcare costs. At the same time, those firms are facing escalating competition, the feared patent cliff for many blockbuster drugs, changing regulations, standards and focus is shifting towards integrating various stakeholders to provide better healthcare.

Intone helps providers of the life science and healthcare sector to gain through the value chain and in managing changing business models, programs and beneficiaries. The better utilization of available methods and resources across the business helps in improving the efficiency and the efficient delivery of the service through innovation.

Intone strive to clearly understand your requirements before bringing together the latest technologies and industry best practices to enable technology strategies and road maps to meet your goals. We can deploy the solutions and offer quality managed services to train your employees as well as maintain your systems once up and running.

In fact, our technology-enabled services support over thousands of organizations within the sector, enabling them to rapidly and cost-effectively adjust to dynamic market and regulatory demands.


• Improve quality of treatments and better services
• Face increasing competition in business
• Work to reduce R & D costs
• Shorten product development cycle and reducing time to market
• Comply with regulatory changes
• Improve clinical outcomes
• Handle data from different sources, cope with data explosion